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 A Layout Fit for your Castle
This layout is approx. 48ins  x 58/59ins
It is in dark wood and green surround with turned legs,
A Perspex ( Lexon)  lid , that opens at both sides  , with controls built into edge so you can operated with the lid down
 castors to the legs , with just one wire to plug into the mains socket .
This layout has been delivered as a fully finished layout with vehicles/ people / animals / etc/ etc
Just as real life in a Scottish village in the early 60s,
The station see's stem and early diesel trains passing though , the village also has a small goods area for the
parcels and milk delivery's to the village .
There is also a small station yard where the local line stores its locomotives , ready for the early service to
Glasgow , They also service and look after the locos that are based in the village station .
There is also a cattle dock so the local farmers  can transport their livestock to the Market , a busy little place , with
a few shops , the famous church from dibley , a corner shop , houses a garage selling the latest mini's
the garage on the hill also sells petrol and is a busy repair shop , there is also a large goods shed , and nice engine shed , together with working signals
working un-couplers on Flieshmann track with electric points and a double slip . A large tunnel with a 3 platform station .
A water tower and cranes , a village pond a toilet block a village bus  stop , and a dirty old signal box . It also has lights on the and
in the station with lights in most buildings and also yard lights in the engine area . It also has a nice girder footbridge , and flower beds on the station
Fully enclosed lid and sides with toughened glass on the sides and un -breakable Lexon plastic on the lids ,
You can open the lids and they will stay in the up position with locking bolt's .
The lid and box assembly is all attached to the layout at all times , its all mounted on 
a antique small dining table , hence the turned legs , these are on castors so the layout is moveable .
The control switche's and controller are all built into the layout and just one plug to go into the mains .