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Sorry Now Sold !!!
  Leeds Layout 1939  -50 , TANKS & TRAINS and PLANES LAYOUT .
An 00 Gauge Layout , 6ft x 4ft of the edge of the leeds R.O.F , near to Thorpe Arch Station . Complete layout with all rolling stock , controlled with Digitrax DCC System . Most Buildings are lit , the spitfire prop has a motor to make it spin , some of the signals work via toggle switches , most functions are controlled via the dcc , lighting and the working spitfire . All locomotives are addressed via their running numbers . All rolling stock is weathered inc the locomotives , both the L.N.E.R and the L.M.S , where seen in the area of Leeds in the Second World War , as on this layout .
Most of the buildings used are Metclaff models , the factory is made from a Kit Bashed Bus Station Kit by Metclaff . This is a very highly detailed layout and a joy to operate .
For Sale Including the below items :
I have the A4 Mallard DC sound blue.
DMU 4 carriages lights up green
Diesel 25 engine dc sound green.
approx 6-7 other steam engines, diesel shunter ( not DC)
Lots of rolling stock, wagons track crane (red) engine shed, carriages
Cromwell tanks, sherman tanks, tank transporter Churchill tanks, 4 flat beds, spitfire,Huricaine, Gloster plane
Other civ vehicles taxi, trucks. bus, track railway trucks
Cows, sheep, people, pil box, staw bales, weigh bridge, engine shed, railway workers, tarp vehicles, boxes, luggage, cable reels spare bogies used as freight and more..