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10 ft x 6 ft Bradbrook Layout
DCC Controlled
10ft x 6 ft twin level layout split on two boards but will be joined at clients house .
Folding frame to suport ends and middle of layout , layout can be stored up-right when not in use .
A very complicated baseboard that has to be approx 6ft x 10ft , in two sections to enable access to room and house
that has a folding system so can be stored in a up right way , it also has to be 41ins tall to avoid a sink , and have
access holes with a easy access to the holes from the front of the layout as 3 sides will have walls
around the layout , so can not use cross members on the pivot system , and can not use a soild beam
because the pivot point is to far forward . we have had to reduce the weight as much as poss but still be strong enought for the
layout  to not warp or bend when being used ,
This layout has 2 sheets of  hardwood plywood , 42 feet of 25mm square aly tube, 40 foot of 18swg 25mm
Square steel tube , CSK wood , over 500 special wood to metal self boreing screws  4 large steel hindges , and approx
30 foot of softwood , 8mm solid metal bolts . It has been painted white underside , and green paint to the track laying surface .
as to date has taken approx over 100 hours in labour .This is a very bespoke baseboard for a special client .But
All Our Clients Ar Special !!!
Dcc Control System with Hornby Elite Controller , with toggle switched points via CDU and small mimic panel
Track on two levels wired to NMRA standard and above and track ballasted
If You would like a layout made in this way please give as 6mths notice as its very labour intensive , and  please ask for a quote
with full information . This kind of baseboard system can also be use for slot car layouts , war gaming etc .
Switches for point operation and one DC Section , also switch for 12v Circuit for lights etc .
 Side Trims now fitted
Some wiring still left to do , but have now started the weathering of the track
The Black box towards the back of the layout  is a 4 amp 15v power supply for the dcc elite
Hornby elite controllersw have no way of fitting them to a surface to stop them moving about , so we have to take it apart using security screws , and dril the case and screw it to the baseboard , then feed the screws back up though the baseboard into the unit , This way its secured on the baseboard .
The wiring on this layout is quite involved  as it is split on two boards , power has to be applied to both sides of the split track , although the layout has track joiners that bridge the gaps , it still has to have power both side to ensure good running , the layout is also back wired at the points so you get a good power supply over the points .
It has two ring mains for the dcc bus wire , one ring main on each board , each board also has its own common supply for the points .
We have installed two 12 volt take off points for any 12 v items our client wishes to add at a  later stage .
There is also 2 dcc tae off points for the fitting of dcc track powered items ie, poirts decoders etc .
Ballast now 80% dry
This layout will be powered by the above unit
Power wiring now soldered to track , dry ballast applied and now glued, should take 24 to 48 hours to dry .
Back Up  Folding on 4 x 8mm steel bolts .
Back down
As you start to unfold the layout the legs start to come down
Point wiring now started as above photo , where the layout splits on the upper level there are also coach bolts holding
the surpports together .
Layout in  the upward state above
The above level has taken just 3 Days to make and Lay !!
This is a large layout with over 30 meters of track , a incline takes the trains to the  upper level please see above pictures
A few more blocks added today
The upper track bed is surported on thick wood uprights that are glued and screwed to the baseboard , then wood
we be placed between them , and track laid .
After the incline the height of the blocks are 3ins , giving good clearence to the under layout .
We will be putting down the upper track bed for our customer but leaving the scenics to him , ie viaduct arches or retaing walls or
slopeing banks
We have started on the frame-work for the upper level
The track above the base board join is not soldered and can be removed for spliting of the board , without
any movement from the tracks it joins to
Lower level track now laid , next is the ballasting and wiring of the track , before starting on upper level loop
The bottom level has 9 sets of points , 1 Isolated track , 20 meters of flex track all on cork base
We should have the lower level all laid tomorrow ready for the ballasting
We are tyring to use peco points where possable as they are more reliable and better made than some others
All point motors are directly mounted to the points this saves any movement of the point motor in the future and ensures that they stay in line
We have changed the track plan slightly to enable point motors to be under the points because of amount of cross members on the layout
We are using peco and hornby points  and where poss the longest radius ,to ensure smooth running
Please remember all pictures are work in progress ( Sorry about the mess !!!)
Trck laying of bottom track now started
We have started to lay the cork for the lower level track
Today we have made the front edge of the layout stronger by adding steel tube .we hae fixed the legs with cross members , the legs fold under the layout when not in use on 4 ins steel pivots .
Re Worked Leg System Now Fitted
Baseboard 1 and 2 together , we need to make the middle legs more secure as yet and add drop down legs
All Four Back Legs Now Done
Board 2 80% Constructed
Board   number 2 Above
Board Number 1 Getting its first coat of paint






The under join of the board where too end pieces have been added now secure , end wood mateing surface now fitted , any screw heads now ground down , nex on board 1 is paint , the old boards have now been removed from board 2 and back to aly frame ready to re-build  as discussed on this page before .







Baseboard no 1 is almost ready for track laying apart from legs to the front and painting with top coat on the underside   , next stage is baseboard no 2


We have started to put the wood base on , its now 6mm Good quality exterior Plywood , thats light and strong