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LARGE 00 GAUGE LAYOUT , TOTAL SIZE 14ft 3ins X 6ft 2ins
To Be Delivered to Southern Ireland
This Layout is  built using peco code 100 track with mainly electrofrog points with polarity switching on frogs ( The V Of The Point) , 14ft 3ins x 6ft 2ins ,aly frame baseboard , with exterior plywood top , all track laid on cork and ballasted all track power wired to NMRA standard so no points are relying on power touching at blade for power route . ( So your points can have dirty blades no maintance required ) .
21 sets of peco or hornby  points, 21 x peco/ or gaugemaster  point motors , all wiring to mimic board with full track plan , point operation by DPDT toggle switching with polarity switching for frog from points that have auto switching from points , 21 power sections switched on mimic board by on-off toggle switches . three  wooden platforms 6 colour light signals working from  points, 1 x own make  turntable with switch on mimic board for turntable control .

3 x Good Quality show type controllers , complete layout with ground scenery/ballasted and 3 x platform beams delivered to customers address , set up and training given on delivery ,
delivered by our -self's in our transport .
This is a large inpressive layout , board joining tracks now cut the fitted
Track work is now 80% complete , almost ready for the wiring to be installed
The 4 Boards are made from 2 x  approx 6x4 boards and 2 x 6x3 boards , with 3 x 2 timber and bolted together with 12mm coach bolts x 8 with 19mm nuts .
Topped with 9mm plywood , track is laid on 1/16 cork and ballasted .
Baseboards now complete apart from outer trim and 2 support legs
Board 2 now re-framed and some track re-laid as above
3 boards now made as above , marking out of board 3 now done , the space you can see above is for board number 4
We will start laying the track on 3 in the next day or so





Board 3 Now Made as above awaiting drying







 Frame Work for board 3 ( Other End Board ) now made as above











Once The Below Ballast is dry Next will be the rest of the wiring on board 2 , Then we will bestarting on board no 3