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On this layout  there is small country terminus station / goods yard / cattle dock / shops/ cottages/ village green with pond / small church / pub / bridge over the railway into village/ road at the back of the goods area to the station car park , on the other side there is 5 sidings with a engine shed covering two of them , coal staiths / water tower /  a lighted inspection pit , also there is 4 semaphore signals ( Electric Dapol) and 5 electric peco magnatic uncouplers .
There is a nice size tunnel with a access hole at the back , on top the tunnel is a farm diorama with cattle / sheep / etc ,
All this to fit inside 3ft x 2ft , we can do it !!!!
Look At The Detail !! , This Is N Gauge 2mm = 1ft , A Very Small Scale
All of this in 3ft x 2ft x 3ft tall  !!!!!
The blue light you might notice in the pictures is a black cortina MKI police car with a flashing becon ( That You Can Turn On or Off)!!!
Its outside the pub because of trouble in the pub , Must be sat Evening !!!!
The inspection pit is lighted with LED's ,it has drains and an engine jack fitted
The black cross lines are where the tunnel is going .
Bridge made from plywood , and under coated
Main DCC bus wire fitted and wired to main loops
Wood outside trim now fitted , Tunnel taking shape
 Because of space avaliable we are now going to use peco magnatic un-couplers
Once the platforms are installed you will not see the workings for the un-coupler
We have installed one of the uncouplers above and laid one track in the station area
Wwe have started to make the frame for the tunnel , this layout will have a aly frame for the tunnel and access hole cut into wood trim along the rear
You will not see the aly once the tunnel top and sides are completed
But you will know that is a very strong layout ,
Because of the amout of track and detail in a small space we have neen marking out the baseboard and started laying the under track cork as above
Baseboard now painted and dying  
AThe basic frame is now ready for its top board , cross members will be added later in build