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5ft 8ins  x  3ft 4ins
A nice designed layout with a upper section , please see the track plan below
Layout to have  legs 30 ins high including castors to the base of the layout ,
 all point's controlled via CDU and toggle switches ,
 all track is peco standard n gauge track with set track  and  streamline points ,
 all ballasted . 3 x dc Controllers with separate 16 vac mains transformers that deliver 1amp for each track .
The whole layout is wired for common wire use with DC  with 3 Zones
 15 Power sections  with metal toggle switches , 3 power zones , 20 sets of points  controlled via a MM  CDU , ratted at
4400uf ,  1 X controller for reverse polarity dimmable lighting system , that can be used with LED's Via 2K Resistors .
2 x Dapol  working signals , 2 x working colour light signals
Wood platforms , wooden base for viaduct the bridge
Some lighting fitted on patch leads with screw in bulbs .
Tunnel has access hole's for any de-railments  from the side and below
Strong legs mounted at ends of board so space under board can be used for household storage .
High quality castors with two locking ones at the front .
All the sides of  the layout are trimmed with laminate wood that gives a nice finish
and saves expensive locos from being dropped on the floor

No Scenics apart from platforms / tunnel/and ballasting
Customer is adding his own scenic





The lighter colour ballast is yet to be glued , once finished it will  blend in with the rest of the layouts ballast colour



Access side holes to the tunnel , there are also under board access to the tunnel ,

the block connectors at the end of the upper platforms are a 12v supply point


There are two fully automatic coloured light signals on the upper level station , they go from red to green if the point

next to is clear for the train to pass , they are controlled via the points .



Two more switch on the above panel are the switches for the dapol signals .



We have installed 3 x Bachmann controllers , 2  for the main running tracks , and one for the loop to the top , they are all wired

in common so no problems going from power zone to power zone , there are switches for 15 sections of dead track ,

16 point switches that control 20 sets of points m some are set track points and many are streamline electrofrog .




We have mounted one point motor and polarity  changing switch above the baseboard as you will see above , the

reason for this is the main support along the middle of the board is under the point , so we had to mount

the motor above board , this can be hidden with a building , so will not been seen once scenic are added .




Bulb holders on patch wires are connected to the green and white wired circuit under the board , and the wires

are screwed into block connectors .


We have fitted 2 dapol signals , that work off  the 16vac and have switches for operation near the controllers




We are using a Hornby controller as a lighting controller , one way for bulbs and led lights , and turn the other

way and just bulb lights work , this also gives the power for 16vac to the cdu for the points control

All green and white wires , feed small block screw connectors so you can add any

12 volt bulb , you want at a latter date .




Top signals now fitted , top section is now wired with point motors , platforms made , As above





Holes built in under the board in case of de-railments , and also two access holes along the back edge
Two Car Cats Wishers  DMU  used to test for smooth running
All Tunnel walls are good thick wood , no chicken wire and plaster used for things like this !!!
Another ramp to be added where you can see the blocks with no running surface yet