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Artists & Model Makers of the miniature world ,All Types and sizes of models produced, Private & Commercial Commissions

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00 Gauge Fold Down Layout
Full DCC Inc Points
 Fold   Down Wall Mounted Layout  approx. 1600mm x 1400mm
On Aly Framed baseboard
Full DCC With High Quality Turntable , DCC Controlled points ,
Track /Wiring/Control System / and Fitting to Clients Wall .
Nice high quality layout with track screwed down by tiny screws on a cork track bed , using Hornby / Peco / and
fine scale track with DCC Turntable with control centre , points are dcc via gaugemaster decoders and the turntable
via heljan control centre , the whole layout is powered via a  high quality  powerful  digitrax Zephyr  DCC unit with the ability to run
one dc loco alongside the DCC locos , it has all functions for sounds and lights and fully expandable to
extra handsets , or any loconet item . Its also the higest power mid range unit on the market that's well tested at all the
model railway clubs in the country and far better that what's available on the high street .
Points are Hornby and peco with Hornby and peco point motors .
It folds up against  a wall when not in use and sits on a table when in the operating position ,
The only thing you need to remove is the turntable bed that just lifts out before storing the layout against the wall
A very convient layout for space saving and easy to use , it also features a programing track to program your locos .
The frame above is to be attached to a flat wall . The thick parts at the base are for the hinges .