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This layout is now to be made with a different type of baseboard ,
Please see track plan below , and the new boards now being made .
All four boards now completed , we are making the legs next , the layout will have a total of 16 legs in pairs of 2 , with adjustable feet.
They will be mounted to the metal frame so its a very strong large layout .
2 Boards are 6ft X 4ft
2 Boards are 6ft x 3ft
Total layout size 14ft x 6ft
Next board getting ready for track laying
First board  Main track's now laid as above
All joints now smoothed down and re-painted , will now leave 48 hours for final drying
3 boards completed above , next board with legs ,  will be shown tomorrow
Legs now being made and boards drilled for fixing
All 4 boards now made , next will be the painting of the boards before track laying will start .
All boards now have their metal frame fitted and have now been painted and sealed with a pva / green mix that's weather-proof as below ;
This layout design started life as a Hornby Train set layout, and as discussions between our
client has gone along its grown into more of a show type layout , getting away from the "Toy Train" layout to a Model Railway Layout .
Its based on a Depot in the Midlands of england in the mid 60s , rock and roll,  and the swinging 60's !!!
War has ended and the railways are in the hands of the goverment , its a depot that has old LNER Locos , as well as LMS Locos , some still in their colours , and the newly
Arrive Diesel Locos , all clean and looking nice , for short time !!! , The workers on the  railway no longer take pride in their trains ,Its now Just a Job !! 
This will produced on 4 boards , total size 14ft long x 6 ft wide  2 Boards will be 6ft x 4ft they will be the end boards ,  and two boards will be 3ft x 6ft they will be the middle boards .
The boards will be made from 25mm x 25mm  , with plywood tops and wood batterns under the layout , with wood mateing surfaces between boards .
Then a trim will be added all the way around , each board will have its own legs with adj feet  at the bottom of aly legs .
The locos will have sound fitted that can be controlled from a dcc command center , the locos have many diffrent sounds from diesel's ticking over sitting in a siding , to
steam trains whistle as they go into the long tunnel , under a farm and fields , with animals in some fields .
Main line points will be peco streamline points , for smoth running and also electrofrog so no problems with the sounds stopping over the main line points , the frog of the point
will be switched for poliarty by auto switching taken from the point motors that will be Peco PL10E , that will be mounted under the baseboard , with adj fixings.
The points in the middle of the layout will be mainly Hornby or Peco Set Track , the reason for this is we can get a better angle into sidings with them points , plus keeps the
Hornby company happy with us,
All points on this layout can be changed via the DCC unit , and routes set ,
The turn table we will be using is our own design , its based on the real turntable at Doncaster in the 50s , and has girder sides , its made only by us , as its
made from a Tri-ang 1950's turntable and is rebuilt using a diffrent motor and track , and we fit a ARM DCC unit into it , this changes the poliarty of the turntable
as the bed rotates , it also has a device built into it that if a loco is on the bed turning , no power is applied to the loco , this stops expensive accidents that are
often seen at shows where a loco leaps off the turntable by mistake , this will not happen on our turntable .
If you wish to purchase one of our special tuntables that are based on an english design and dcc ready the cost is £399.00 Plus delivery
This layout will also have electric and automatic  un-couplers , controlled via a mimic board  or DCC
There will be coloured light signals around the layout in the right places , these will be fully automatic by the points being set in the right direction to allow a train to pass the signal .
The buildings on this layout will be either high quality carboard with re-enforced walls or plastic or resin . They will be lite by bulbs that are rated at 12v but only a 6v supply will be applied
so the layout will not look like a "Christmas Tree" , approx 70 % of the buildings will be lit, There will also be street lighting and yard lighting so the layout can be
used in the dark .
The buildings will include , a Carriage Shed, A 4 platform main line station ,  Farm Buildings , shops, pub , house's, a park, a timber yard with a working hopper ,
1x 3 lane engine shed, Railway offices , a coaling tower, water tower and crane, large goods shed, line-side huts, fog-mans huts x 2 , level crossing to carriage shed/largegood shed,
a church  with stained glass windows , With working sound from the church tower , bells and  singing . Fully programable MP3 Player will control the sounds in the church
so that  our client can down-load his own music .
Small detailing items will also be added by us ; people, vehicles, phone box's, working police car  with blue flashing light , station seats , flower pots , this list is almost endless!!!!
This layout will also be child freindy , so we will make the operating system as easy as poss .
The tech side of the layout is is a DCC Controlled Layout with decoders for all points and un-couplers , all with manual over-ride , the power to the  track will be approx 5 amp that will
keep many trains running at any one time ,  the decoders are specially made for us as commercial decoders do not have the over-ride facility , although these circuits are
quite expensive they are made by hand and of very high quality . There are 27 sets of points   that are a selection of electrofrog and insulfrog , these have peco motors and
peco switches fitted . The signals are LED 's of 3v , The lighting is a 12v 4amp system ,  Un-couplers will also work on the 12 v system . The flashing light on the police car
will work via a decoder , The MP3 Player will also work via  the 12 v system .
The layout will be packed by us using foam and then taken to our air-freight company for final packing for air transport . It will be packed on with the four boards in the same wooden
container , it will be insured on its journey just in case !!!
 Once it arrives we will remove it from customs and take it to our client , We will take him though the set up of the layout and how to keep it clean and working , with full
training given on site .
Please Read The Journey Below
A Journey

Our journey starts from the top of the tunnel in our car , we go past fields with cattle , and can see a farm house and barn to the left with people in the farm yard , mending their tractor ,

as we pass the fields with their bushes we start on out descent down a road into a town in the distance we can see the 1960's steam trains and some new diesel locos in the large engine yard , we can also see long goods trains in the sidings awaiting their journey with goods for the smaller stations en-route , to the right there is a large long building that houses the carriage works where they mend and clean the carriages .

To the left there is an impressive looking station with its stone brickwork , before the station building there are shops to the left with a old pub in the corner , in the middle of the roadway there is a triangular looking green with benches and a few people and children playing , there is a small pond with a child sailing his model boat , there are a few people about walking around shopping , the bus is waiting outside the station to take people home . There is a police car outside one of the shops with its blue light flashing , Not another shop lifter not in the 60's !!!

As we drive towards the station on the right are offices of the LNER railway company , now looking old and dirty since the government took control of this yard before the war , what a pity !!

we arrive at the station in our mk1 cortina and go to the ticket office and get our tickets for our journey , Our train is departing on platform 2 , so we go over the footbridge to our platform , here it comes a A4 Sparrow Hawk pulling a mixed set of MK1 BR Maroon dirty looking carriages .

We board our train , off we go and then it goes dark outside, we have just entered a long dark tunnel , we come out the end of the tunnel and go past many many wagons awaiting their loco to go on another journey , we come to another bend and cross over tracks into another band and we look out to our left and see a big engine shed with locos sitting inside , with many sounds of steam and brakes as they move slowly around there is one on the old girder LNER turntable , looks like the turntable they had in Doncaster many years ago .

There is a man on the turntable operating the steam powered turntable that has a pipe that connects to the loco to make the turntable work , he standing there have a cupper while a loco is turning , on the other side of the turntable you can see a coaling tower , that locos pass under to get their coal for their journey , next to that there is a water stage with a tower , so the locos get what they need with coal and water before going out to the main line or hooking up with the many goods trucks awaiting movement .

You can also see a few newly painted diesels waiting to go out in the next siding , all nice and clean , we carry on though a station in a tunnel and then on our right there is a long carriage shed for mending the carriages , and on our left there is a very large goods shed , we are coming to the end of the journey though green signals and coming into platform 1 , there is another track that goes down to , what looks like a timber yard with a shed, there is a wagon with a lot of timer on it tipping its load into a hopper type thing , must have a look down there another day .

We disembark our train and see a lot of people on the station now must be getting to rush hour time . !!!!! We walk over the footbridge as its Starting to get dark , we get back into our car that we parked under the street lights , we Drive home .