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A small selection of letters from our clients .
Hello Colin

Just to let you know that the layout arrive safely today.

I am very pleased with the layout. I would like to thank you so much
for everything you have done for me.  When I decided to have a layout
I had no idea the huge amount of planning and work involved let alone the cost.

Colin you are a gentleman Thanks for keeping your word on all things
over the last couple months we discussed.

Once again my many thanks for your advice and time you put into the layout.

Kind regards
Take care
 just want to say thank you for all your hard work and apologise if it seemed that I did not appreciate all that you had done.
I may need to come back to you for advice about lighting, but I am no where near that yet.
Thank once again,
Hi Colin,
Just seen the pics, very pleased they look far better on your website
than on my PC, job well done, thanks
Hi Colin,

This is good, my boss likes the extra details. I have spoken to my finance and team they would like you to send me an invoice for the 50% (£1,000) as soon as you want to or can and they also need your bank details to where it should be paid into.

I hope this is ok.

Hi Colin
I hope you are all keeping well. The railway is performing great and continues to provide hours of entertainment. I have attached some more photo's of the layout, the scenery is almost finished and I don't intend to do much more with it just enjoy running it. Thanks so much for the advice on the signals. As you will see they are all in place now. Mike Howarth, the chap you recommended, does really good stuff and he is a nice bloke too.
I don't know how feasible this is and it is no problem if it is not possible, but would you be able to add any more sections at this late stage. I realise that you wouldn't probably want to fiddle with the mimic board or the switches but is there any way to incorporate a small subsidiary panel to show some extra sections, that's of course if it's possible to do the wiring. When I designed the layout I didn't expect there to be so much space, particularly on some of the shed roads. A few of them could take two or three loco's, which I didn't envisage. It would just enable me to get more of my loco's on.
Perhaps you could let me know if you think it's possible, even if it is possible maybe there would be too much work and cost involved. There is absolutely no hurry as I am very happy with what I have but if it is something you could do when you are in my area delivering someone else's railway that would be good.
I hope the photo's don't clog up your email address for too long.
Thanks again and all the best
Hi Colin, many thanks for the advice, o know I have loads to do. To be honest this layout was started just to show off some locos, all ideas are what ever is in my head at the time and change day to day. Next plan is to finish the hill and banks, Ballest the main lines and tart up some buildings. I have been thinking about putting pits in the sheds, I have loads of the peco kits but I'm not overly happy with them, I may finish and fit the concrete pads for the time being and then cut and make my own pits with lighting. There is plans for a 12ft layout with all scratch built sheds and loads of detail, this is really a trial run to learn some skills, as I said first time I've ever even laid track or done wiring, my dad built is a oo years ago when we were kids and this is the first time iv run s train in 15 years. I'm moving down your way in the next 18mnths and that is when the next layout will start and I will start looking for a club. Cheers
This is my Dad really enjoying his railway. He loves it. Thanks for all you did ! Matthew.
HI colin,
The layout is great and love it, i would like to buy some new loco's for it so i have a wide range, the problem is trying to find DCC
 fitted loco's at a reasonable price and trying to remember what you told me
 about programming them to run on my track. please can you help me and send some websites you recommend
purchasing loco's from and please explain to me who i program a new one for my
 layout and how do i run just the DC trains again....
 Also need to get some warflat wagons for the tanks do you know
where or
 who does them Again many thanks.
Hi; Colin
All good wishes to you and your family for Christmas and the New Year.
I am enjoying the layout, in fact i got it out of the garage yesterday. I bought a flat bed trolley as it was rather heavy for Joyceand it makes it a lot easier to transport.
Best wishes
Joyce & Phil

Thanks Colin,
I'm really looking forward to it, you've done a fantastic job.
I'm in all day tomorrow, so drop me a line when your on your way.
Hi Colin

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for all the great service and amazing set you have done for us. My Son is over the moon and cannot believe it (nor can I!), he went mad with excitement when we showed him.

Good luck with the set in Denmark!

Best wishes