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5ft x 3ft 3ins layout made from a ladder frame with plywood top , two level baseboard with access holes at side and back for stock recovery , and maintained of track , Layout based around 1965 , any area , with two stations one branch line upper though station , and one lower main line station . 16 sets of points , 11 power sections , 4 power zones ( 1 up main line lower ,1 down line lower ,1 upper station loop , 1 goods area for shunting ). Points to be selection of electrfrog and insolfrog , running on peco wooden type sleeper track , layout to be hardwired and soldered joints .

Upper Lever to include , Station , signal box , low relief terrace houses , 2 x public houses , ind factory buildings as required , goods area with loading / unloading shed , lights in 60 % of buildings , 4 x coloured light signals on upper level ,5 de-couplers , 2 x road ways with vehicles and people on station ,6 x goods yard lights , and along roads , buses , commercial vehicles .

Lower level to include , main line station based on 60s design , with signal box , 3 de-couplers , people on station , and ft entrance of the station in the left hand corner of lower baseboard , lighting to station and signal box , right hand side to house 4 x power controller knobs , and switches for points on both levels with switches for lighting for railway / and building lights .

Coloured light signals x 10 , de-couplers x 8 , 16 sets of points, 11 power sections , 6 x yard lights and street lighting x 12 .