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Some Instructions on fitting DCC Chips To ;
1 ) N Gauge 08 , Shunter Early Farish and some 0-6-0 Chassis
Puchase a Digi Hat Kit From DCC Supplies .
Remove Body , 2 Screws by the Coupling
Remove Screws from base plate
Pull Away Base plate and Pick up plate 
Remove Wheels , Keep them in the same place for re-fitting
Remove wire from small capicator to ft pick up bolt , Un clip bush holder from top lift up brass brush insert to remove wire , Cut wire just past capicator , leaving enought wire to soler black wire from decoder .
Remove bottom brush clip , Spring and Carbon Brush , Carefull not to lose any bits !!
Remove Brass Brush holder from chassis , I use one part of long nose snips as below
Note Wire from capicator on the front of the chassis
Digitrax DZ125 chip From DCC Supplies about £15-£20
Digi Hat Kit from DCC Supplies  about £4
, 1 x Brush Holder , 2 x heat srink
Slide in the new brush holder into the bottom hole in the chassis
Insert little black Brush with the smallest end outwards ,
Insert spring on top of brush as below , if poss try to get the curve in the black brush matching the curve on the round part of the motor spindle .If you can not do not worry to much , just means you will wear the brush a little when starting to run it .
Cut off wires white/yellow/& Blue from decoder , and cut away some of the red plastic from the top of the decoder ,carefull not to cut the decoder , try not to handle the wires more than neede as they can come away from decoder if not careful
Clean up one side of the brush holder as you are going to solder the orange wire to it , remember to place a heat srink on the orange wire before soldering ( I Cut mine as the ones in the kit are too long )
Soler orange wire to the clip as below , try not to use too much solder and solder in the same place as below
Move the heat srink down the orange wire carfully over the wire and one side of the clip and place heat srink over the oter up-right side of the clip . No heat shrink on the bottom as this part touches the spring and powers that black brush .
Melt Heat srink on with gental flame from a lighter. Not too much or you will burn the wire.
Picture below just to confirm how the bits look
I aways file away a little bit of the chassis just to make sure the clip does not touch the sides , you might need to if its a early chassis
Re-Fit Spring over the holder and re-fit wheels 
Care fully re-fit pick up plate and base plate
Solder Black wire to the cut off capicator wire , solder grey wire to top brush holder ,
Twist a bit of the old capictor wire and tighten under the nut of the long bolt that holds the pick up plate and base plate to the chassis . Solder red wire to it as below , test unit on track to make sure it works .
The chip will fit along one side in the cab area
Remember to re fit couplings once together .
ENJOY !!!!!!
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