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High Tech Coffee Table Layout with working extras High Spec !!!

Layout Spec Below  Photos below spec as the build goes along !!!!

1 x coffee table in Mahogany rich colour , approx 121 x 71 cm in size . with rounded corners if possible, with grooves , and glass to be as non reflective as poss. all sides viewable and from top , layout  to be as near as top glass as can be .
 N Gauge/Scale , 3-4 levels/running 4 trains  as tail chasers / roads and trains pass over /under each other at places on the layout .
Control system to have face in same colour as table and be plugged into table  via multi plug when required . Controller panel does not have to be connected if layout is running on automatic .
The controller will have to be made by us as a special one - off control panel that  can be plugged into the layout when required . The layout can also work itself when the controller and switch control panel is removed .
Switches on the remote switch /controller panel handset  will be labelled .
The controller / switch panel will have a docking area on the side of the table , and can be completely removed if required with the table layout still working .

 When table is switched on with master switch under the layout base or switched on at wall socket the layout will come to life with all items and lights working at a realistic speed ,  trains will automatically stop and start at station's or points around the layout .  Layout will continue operation on its own until the command centre is plugged into the table , where then you can control speed etc while in automatic , or  revert to manual operation , all switches will be labelled and controllers marked as required .
We are to supply trains ; 1 x underground train Northern line with Edgware destination on the front . 1 x First Great Western with Paddington on the front , 1 x Diesel Locomotive with goods waggons . 1 x Virgin fast speed train . Trains to have lit carriages with capacitors fitted to keep lights on when in station for adjustable amount of seconds . Passengers to be fitted to train carriages .
Vehicles on the layout to be lighted with head and tail lights , with a London Bus / cars /Trucks /taxis/Vans/Coach bus and coach to have lights and people fitted . these will be fitted along side a faller road system with  stopping places at bus stops vehicles on faller system to include London bus and red coach with people and lights . where possible .
1 x working lighted level crossing ,
Main town in centre of layout to have buildings as per list , to be lighted and some with inside detailing . one building to include a clock . Pavements / roads to look realistic as per real life .
1 x fair ground with working rides , inc Ferris wheel
Station to have lit footbridge with transparent roof ,
sign posts , traffic lights , benches, gates, fences, walls etc , also to be fitted illumined advertising signs
Small Shiv statue on the top of one mountain / hill , all tunnels to be lit inside the tunnels ,
town houses to be normal London semis and terraced some with drive ways .
Rural areas to have houses in Swiss style pretty houses with flowers etc
Scenery to include Japanese's water garden style / different types of trees according to local region , people and animals ,
Full training will be given on delivery , parts to be used to be very reliable and mainly solid state where possible .
Lighting to be mainly LED , with warm light LEDS to show as filament bulbs .  LED lighting will out last bulb lighting .
Base board has been produced
We have now decided to use Kato track because of the high quality needed
Track Plan below, Scenic plan To Come Soon
Latest Track Plan
Customer requirements list below ;


Updated 22/09/2015





Layout in production view

Coffee Table

To be handmade due to difficulty finding ready made similar to existing coffee table according to photographs sent. Please ensure its durable and strong.

·  Approx. 120cm length, 70cm width, 41cm/16 Inches Height.

·  Mahogany Rich Colour.

·Rounded corners with Milled corner accents

·  Intricate grooves and carvings crafted on all four Greek style columns legs and on the surround.

·  Solid, strong, non-reflective and scratch resistant safety glass with sides Perspex.

·  Ability to view from all sides and top (no panels in the way)

·  No castors

·  Lightweight/portable


Old Plan Was:


New Plan:

Can one train also travel over the hill or mountain?

·Layout near to top of glass & slide in & out

·N Scale/gauge

·3-4 Levels, different directions.

·Running 5 trains in various directions

·Overground road on bridge with train going through underneath and visa-versa where a train runs on top of bridge and road cars and water running through under.

·Criss-cross in places

·Not fully automated to enable some play.

·No wires and cables visible. No sound.

·Your signature discreetly on the bottom corner or on the bottom side as it will be an heirloom and people should know who made it.

·Kato or Fleishmann track

·High quality materials for lifetime guarantee of working. Everything should work for years without any problems.





1.  Underground London Northern Line tube to have Edgware destination on front?

2.  First Great Western

3.  Diesel Non-steam locomotive waggon goods train

4.  Virgin fast speed passenger train

5.  Hogwarts Express non-steam loco Train (Scotland West Highland Line)

·Lit carriages inside (with capacitors fitted to keep lights on when in station for adjustable amount of seconds).

·Lit head and tail lights

·Passengers seated inside.

·Various speeds – can control manually

Controls and Controller

Controller to be made as a control panel that can be plugged into the layout when required. 

Layout automatically runs without Controller switch panel plugged in.
When table is switched on with master switch under the layout base or switched on at wall socket the layout will come to life with all items and lights working at a realistic speed,  trains will automatically stop and start at station's or points around the layout .  Layout will continue operation on its own until the command centre is plugged into the table for manual operation where train speed (and street lighting if possible for during the day?) can be controlled and then or revert to automatic operation.

One cable (in white if possible) from control panel to layout that plugs into the side of the coffee table.
One Cable at least 4-5metres (in white if possible) that goes from the base of one leg, to a mains wall socket. Please try to place cable coming from underside or inner side of the table so that the source of it looks concealed.  For the rest of the cable a rug can be used to hidden under the table.


·Analogue system (no wifi or digital)

·Fully automatic when switched ON and allows Manual play (trains don’t end up in collision)

·Controller/switch panel to be as slim lightweight, and small as possible to look sleek and simple to use. It must match the mahogany coffee table.

·Controller switch panel to have a concealed/discreet docking area on the side or end of the table (whichever is better), and can be completely removed if required with the table layout still working.

·Switches on the remote switch /controller panel handset to be labelled of what they do and which trains they control?

·   No wires and cables visible (except main cable)

·Controller docking be sleekly positioned (not sticking out of top of coffee table) on side of table between two mountains or on the right end side of this layout (the end where bigger mountain is?


London Buses, Cars, Trucks, Taxis, Coach, Helicopter placed on helipad on a high building, Boat for water feature. Any room for private jet?

·Illuminated inside with lit head & tail lights.

·Passengers seated inside where possible i.e. in coach and busses.

Level crossing


·Lit and working

Street lamps

Narnia style street lamps in rural areas and modern street lamps in city

·Various lit


·  Post Office

·  Dentist

·  Bridges, Tunnels (lit), and a Viaduct

·  Hill/small mountain (must not cover train visibility too much if going through)

·  Hospital/doctors

·  School, University

·  Barclays bank

·  Beauty parlour Salon,

·  Odeon cinema,

·  Cafe/restaurant,

·  Petrol pump,

·  Newsagents

·  Petrol station

·  Musical instrument shop like Denmark street in Charing Cross

·  Gym leisure centre

·  Performance centre like Royal Albert Hall

·  Florists

·  Stores: Selfridges, Harrods?, John Lewis, Boots, Waitrose, Costa Coffee, Hamleys Toys, Jewellery Shop

·  Bhakti Vendanta Manor Temple (in rural area)

·  Small Shiv statue on top of mountain

·  Fun fair playground with working Ferris Wheel, rides, see saw etc.

·  lit Station canopy, lit Platform(s), attractive lit footbridge with transparent roof?, Signals, Traffic Lights, Level Crossing

·  Sign posts, benches, gates, fences, low brick walls

·  Illuminated advertising signs e.g. Café. 

·  Barbecue/fire lit

·All lit inside (possible using LED’s for longevity?)

·Minimum 1 Building(s) which you can see inside e.g. House/Glass Offices/Shops.

·Some Shops on old cobbled ground like in Covent Garden

·A building to have a clock 

·Lit tunnels


Swiss style pretty houses in rural areas.

London city/town type houses.

·Detached, Semi’s and terraces with some driveways and houses lit inside with people

Roads & Vehicles

·Bus stops with Faller moving vehicle car system in both directions

·London Bus and red Faller Coach moving and stopping at bus stops.

·Include cars, taxis and vans.

·Pedestrian pathways to be included that lead to homes, driveways, bus stops etc so it makes sense and ties in to be realistic.

Vehicle with headlights, tail lights and inside lit with people inside wherever possible (please try)

·Cable Car system in n gauge going up and down mountain transporting people.


·  Japanese Zen garden style,

·  Water features (Rivers/lakes/ponds, canals).

·  People (city business, town folk, workers, farmers, people sitting, people of all ethnicities, pets)

·  Trees (various types according to regions) i.e. fern near mountains

·  Hill(s)/mountain: Trains (maybe double in different directions) going through tunnel. Could also go spiralling around or for road cars.

·  Farm or Animals about (e.g sheep, cows, goats, horses etc)


Instruction Manual

Information on easy to use of operation.

Model should be durable, strong and work for years without problems.

·Lifetime Guarantee?


·Telephone support

·What to do if something stops working.

·Easy Training provided